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Size Genetics – Cold Hard Male Enhancement Facts

It is true for any individual that size does matter. Size can become an issue for men and women in general. If the penis is either small or has no erections on the right time, then it becomes a difficult job both for the men and the women. Having sex is a need of any individual in general. Apart from being a need it also strengthens the bond between the male and the female not only in the bedroom but strengthens the relationship in general. Jes Extender

The enhancement in males can depend on many factors for example food, hormonal misbalance and many more issuses. The other important factor is the pressure of blood that goes through the penis that in return makes the vessels to swell with blood. Heart is the one that pumps blood to all the other parts of the body. Therefore, your heart should be healthy so that it could be in the position to pump blood to the blood vessels of the penis. This can in return lower the erection.

Basically in other words whatever is good for your heart it is automatically good for your sexual health and this applies at the time.

Stay Active:

One of the very good ways to improve your sexual health it is important to stay active. Sex might get your heart rate up but it is always essential to keep the workouts going on. 30 minutes of exercise, walk or swimming can make wonders to your sex life.

A workout has always been playing a vital role for any activity. Things are just not the same when you start working out. Life changes and more over your dreams of losing weight, having a good sexual life and many more things become true.

Size genetics is one of the most reliable supplements that extend the penis by length and width and does wonders in the bedroom with much more confidence.

Food and erections:

Certain foods can increase the blood flow and same is the case with some of the vitamins.

Onions and garlic are one the foods that may not be good for your breadth but can definitely be amazing for your blood circulation

Bananas are rich in potassium and can help in lowering your blood pressure. This can benefit your sexual part and boost the energy that is needed.

Chilies and peppers are natural herbs and all the spicy foods helps in the blood flow by reducing hypertension which in return boost the energy that is needed during sex.

Eggs can do wonders in the blood flow. They are high in vitamin B that can balance the hormones in our body. Hormonal misbalance can create a lot of chaos in our life. Therefore it is vital to visit a doctor so that you can be prescribed with some test and the hormonal misbalance could be cured at the earliest.

Eggs being high in Vitamin B can decrease the stress that often occupies erections.

Vitamin B-1, is another important vitamin that is necessary for the signals given to the nervous system in order to move quicker. Pork, peanuts and kidney beans can help in Vitamin B-1.

Reducing stress:

Stress can be one of the most killing components of having sex. It can go beyond ruing the sexual life of an individual by assassination of the desire and the performance. Psychological stress can also affect achieving an erection or reaching an orgasm.

Exercise can be a great way to reduce stress. Stress can definitely elicit bad habits like smoking or the consumption of alcohol that can definitely harm your sexual performance.

Sizegenetics is a natural way to enhance your penis and get 100% results on erections and satisfaction that you are looking for.

Masturbation and Longevity:

If you are not a lasting lover on the bed and you are not satisfying your partner. It is important that you proactive your sex to improve your longevity.

The secret in masturbation is that you try to lasts as long as you could so that on the bed you can do the same and enjoy with your partner.

You all need to understand that sex isn’t a one-way path. You all need to understand the love and emotions of your partner. It is awkward sometimes to slow down because of your partner but it is important to show that you do care because if your partner is not having a good time and not comfortable then there is no use of creating a scene of anything.


It is always important to have a good and a safe sexual like. Things are not the same always. We all have ups and down in our normal life and even in our sexual life but definitely there is a solution for everything in life. It is the path that we need to chose at different stages of life.

Some of the vital issues to be looked into are the hormonal misbalances and other high blood pressure problems that can affect the erections and other desires to have sex. Like we mentioned about stress and how can it destroy the willingness to have sex should be looked into seriously.

By following all the above mentioned points can definitely make all your dreams come true and can unquestionably make a positive change in your sexual life by satisfying yourself and your partner. Satisfaction in both partners is important, no matter if you are at a heating point, you will still have to make sure that your partner is happy and satisfied at the same time.

Size Genetics is only the most natural ways to increase the penis and for good and lovable erections that your partner would surely want to have. it is 100% safe and is free from any side effects.

“Health is wealth” and we all need to look after our health in the best way we can no matter, even if it is concerned with our sexual life.

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